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Mechanical Development

Keska LLC has over 25 years experience using 3D printing techniques as well as CNC machining.   This resource development began with the need to support internal development programs of both product and process.   Many of the tools we use to manufacture circuit board assemblies are in-house developed, this allows us to operate very efficiently in the low volume electronics manufacturing markets where traditional electronics manufacturing services equipment are designed for high volume manufacturing.     CNC Equipment, 3D Printer, and Pick&Place machines use very similar mechanical and electrical controls.   Knowledge in one area, leads to knowledge in all areas.   Operating with a precise attention to detail is the common core.   

PCB & Electronics housings, Mechanical Systems, Jigs & Fixtures,  and Equipment Automation Development all generated requirements for CNC and 3D printed services.    Our capability grew beyond internal needs and we began support customer requests for mechanical concept development in late 2015.   We started with 3D printer capability and expanded our CNC machining capability to make more complex parts manufactured from Aluminum and Steel.