Keska LLC began supplying the automotive industry in 2017 as an LED lighting supplier with the launch of it's first LED lighting product partnered with Nissan Motor Corporation.  The product is a strong affirmation to Nissan's commitment to supporting entrepreneurialism and their dedication to the "Innovation that Excites" theme.   This lighting package was quickly adopted on multiple vehicles and brands and is the industry benchmark for lighting performance and luxury.  

Starting with a concept conceived by the founder of Keska LLC, the uniform dispersion entry light was created.   This product is the automotive industries first high volume, uniform dispersion, automotive entry light.   The lighting system creates a uniform glow that gives the vehicle an impression that it is floating.   The lighting system creates a nearly "Shadowless" lighting profile between the front and rear wheels of the vehicle.   Patents for this product are held by ITC, Keska LLC's manufacturing partner, with exclusive distribution rights owned by Keska LLC.

Uniform Dispersion Automotive LED Light

Keska LLC supports the PCB development of LED lighting systems for the most advanced taillamp, turn signal, and brake lighting systems in the automotive industry. LED lighting enables advanced styling and performance for today's automobiles, and Keska is fortunate to support the advancements in this exciting technology.

Prototype LED lighting supplier
LED tail lamp PCB assembly