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Equipment and Process

The Universal GSM is a high precision pick and place that is well known for SMT PCBA manufacturing accuracy.  The Universal GSM was for many years the highest selling machine for SMT PCBA manufacturing, and is still widely used when high flexibility is required.   Using 2 heads, the machine places at 10,600 cph, and is extremely accurate and reliable (click here to see it in action!).       For low volume or prototype PCBA manufacturing, it is an ideal machine to build high quality parts with relatively low effort.   Programming is automatic from most CAD files, and Keska has also developed custom software which further automate the prototype PCBA manufacturing set-up process.

The most important quality control factor in the SMT PCBA manufacturing process are the soldering operations.    The pasting operation, whether screen printing or micro dot paste, is 100% inspected during and after the process to insure correct volumes are applied to each pad.    Further, the reflow oven is profiled and confirmed for both leaded and lead-free solder requirements.   The temperature ramp & soak are monitored to insure the solvents and fluxes are properly evaporated prior to the reflowing to insure that solder balls and other quality defects are minimized.   Please feel free to review the  reflow profiles of our process.

Attention to detail is taken every step of the SMT PCBA manufacturing process to insure risk points are properly managed. At Keska, we understand that even simple items like having inspection stations, which are ergonomic, clean, organized and well lighted can affect the quality and manufacturing efficiency.     Keska has over 20 years experience in electronics manufacturing, with the majority of our knowledge coming from guidance and philosophies of the some of the worlds best electronics process engineers at Toyota Motor Corporation.


Universal Instruments GSM Pick and Place

Ekra Stencil Printer

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Circuit Board Test and Inspection Station