Circuit Board Design, Prototype & Manufacturing Services

Keska LLC  supports circuit board design from the concept stage into production.    For example,  two circuit board development projects for Brushed & Brushless DC Motor controllers are shown below.   Keska completed the circuit board design starting from a "clean sheet" at project kick-off.    In practice, Keska engineers directly work with customers to create initial product concepts and functional models using mechanical and electrical rapid prototyping techniques.   Next, the circuit board schematic, component layout, and firmware are created for the prototype design.   After the necessary design work is complete, the circuit board manufacturing process steps are developed and production begins.

60A Brushless DC Motor Controller

  • 4 Layer FR4 with 2oz Cu

  • I2C & Potentiometer Interface
  • Atmega 328 MCU
  • Allegro Driver


 100A Brushed DC Motor Controller

  • 1 x 100A H-bridge (TI)
  • 2 x 12A H-bridge IC (ST)
  • Atmega 328P MCU
  • Accelerometer Based Tilt Sensing
  • 2 Layer/1 oz CU FR4